Why astroturf?

Attractive & comfortable nest

Fewer floor eggs

Hens find nests fitted with AstroTurf® attractive. They seem to prefer AstroTurf® to any other material.

As a result, the number of floor eggs is negligible. The rounded tops contribute to the hens’ comfort, help ensure a safe egg roll-off and stop feathers clinging to the shell.

Easy to clean

The open structure enables more dirt to fall through and the new design prevents dirt from sticking to the nest pad.

The mat is therefore easy to clean.

Higher profitability

  • No more unhygienic litter
  • Labour cost saving , cause no need any more to put straw or rice leaves every week in the nest

AstroTurf® lasts for several years.

AstroTurf® is a cheaper and more profitable. For instance, taking into consideration 40 000 breeders:

These points will increase farm profitability.

Less cracks and more clean eggs

Fewer dirty eggs, less cracks and breakage.

The open structure of the new nest pad and the special shape and high flexibility of its individual blades ensure that the eggs roll onto the conveyor belt safely and without contamination.

The pad material is fully resistant to moisture, bacteria, fungi and insects.

All sizes are possible

AstroTurf® is provided in rolls or in any requested sizes.

AstroTurf® is easy to cut to the right size

Special attachment to ensure the nest pad to fix on the wire mesh

Once installed, it needs little maintenance

Shorter grass on the edge ( option)


A destructive WRONZ test demonstrates that the AstroTurf® durability is 3 to 4 times higher than all competitive products