AstroTurf®, the world's leading supplier of nest
pads, has developed a new improved design :

XPNP (Extra Performance Nest Pad)

The new AstroTurf® product ensures :

* a safe egg roll-off
* reduction of the number of feathers clinging to the shell resulting
in clean eggs
* attractive & comfortable nests reducing floor eggs
* easy cleaning
* higher profitability

Market leader

AstroTurf® nesting material is a trendsetter. Most nest builders
are already using it. AstroTurf® is often recommended by research centres
and sectors specialists too.

Product information

Code : AstroTurf® XPNP (Extra Performance Nest Pad)
Colour : Chestnut brown
Dimensions : 0,91 x 16 m
Height : 20 mm